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Quick Start

PacketStreamer Demo

Build PacketStreamer

You will need to install the golang toolchain and libpcap-dev before building PacketStreamer.

# Pre-requisites (Ubuntu): sudo apt install golang-go libpcap-dev
git clone
cd PacketStreamer/

Run a PacketStreamer receiver

Run a PacketStreamer receiver, listening on port 8081 and writing pcap output to /tmp/dump_file (see receiver.yaml):

./packetstreamer receiver --config ./contrib/config/receiver.yaml

Run PacketStreamer sensors

Run one or more PacketStreamer sensors on local and remote hosts. Edit the server address in sensor.yaml:

# run on the target hosts to capture and forward traffic

# copy and edit the sample sensor-local.yaml file, and add the address of the receiver host
cp ./contrib/config/sensor-local.yaml ./contrib/config/sensor.yaml

./packetstreamer sensor --config ./contrib/config/sensor.yaml