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Version: v1.5

ThreatMapper and JIRA

ThreatMapper can be configured to raise JIRA tickets for vulnerabilities and secrets. The minimum supported version of JIRA is 7.13.

To Configure JIRA Integration

For authentication either password of a user account or an api token can be used. To generate an api token:

  1. API Token Authentication menu will be accessible from the Jira user profile menu: DF_JIRA1

  2. Once you navigate there, click the button to generate a new API Token :


  3. Enter token description and expiration time: DF_JIRA3

  4. On the Threatmapper Jira integrations page enter the jira site url, username, api token. The JIRA project key is the prefix of the issue numbers , e.g. issue "JRA-123" has "JRA" as project key Enter the type of ticket you would want ThreatMapper to create (Task / Bug etc.): DF_JIRA4