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Version: v2.2

Management Console

The ThreatStryker Management Console can be deployed in Deepfence Cloud or in a self-managed fashion.

Deepfence Cloud is a hosted SaaS platform from which you can deploy multiple ThreatStryker consoles and assign users to these consoles, all from a single point of control. Deepfence Cloud manages console upgrades, scaling and security for you, so you and your teams can focus on the safe and secure operation of your enterprise cloud-native applications.

As an alternative, you can deploy ThreatStryker in a self-managed fashion, in the cloud or on-prem location of your choice.

Comparing Cloud and Self-Managed

Deepfence CloudSelf-Managed
Deployment methodOn-demand, fully managed within Deepfence CloudSelf-Installed within your own infrastructure
PlatformManaged by DeepfenceSingle docker host or dedicated Kubernetes cluster
OperationScaling, security and upgrades managed by Deepfence CloudYou scale, secure and upgrade according to your schedule
User ManagementSingle cloud portal handles user registration and access to ThreatStryker consolesEach ThreatStryker console has separate user database
PrivacySecurity information is securely forwarded to isolated consoles on Deepfence CloudYou have full control over the location and security of your self-hosted consoles