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Version: v2.0 (deprecated)

Managing Users

On Deepfence Cloud, your users are all members of the same organization.

An organization is created when you register for a new account on Deepfence Cloud. You can then invite users to join the organization, and new users can also invite additional users.

Users who join Deepfence cloud from an invitation you have sent become members of your organization. If a user signs up to Deepfence Cloud directly (i.e. not by following an invitation link), they will be added to a new organization. If a user creates a new organization in error, please reach out to our support team, and we can reassign them!


Deepfence Cloud is currently in 'Invite Only' mode. If you are a Deepfence customer or would like to be an early adopter, please get in touch, and we will open an account for you and your teammates.

Task 1 - Sign up and create a new Organization

  1. Visit Deepfence Cloud: Sign up for a new account using your corporate email address.
  2. Activate that account in the email that will follow.
  3. Log in to the Deepfence Cloud portal.

Task 2 - Invite users to join your Organization

  1. Log in to the Deepfence Cloud portal.
  2. From the Users tab, select the option to Add New User. Provide the user's email address.

The user will receive an email from Deepfence Cloud with instructions to follow an invitation link. The invitation link will create and activate a new user account within your organization.

Task 3 - Manage inactive user accounts

The preferred way to manage users is to use their social logins. When social logins (Google, Microsoft, GitHub) are tied to an enterprise identity service, this provides synchronization so that if a user is off-boarded from the enterprise, their Deepfence Cloud account becomes inaccessible.

  1. Log in to the Deepfence Cloud portal.
  2. From the Users tab, click the 'delete' icon next to the user you wish to remove from your organization.

You can also toggle the active/inactive state to temporarily prevent a user from accessing your Deepfence Cloud organization.