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Version: v3.7 (deprecated)

Single Sign-On

Deepfence Cloud supports single sign-on using Google, GitHub and Microsoft by default. Additionally, you can configure any OpenID Connect ID provider like Okta.

Login Page

Okta - OpenID Connect

To configure Okta as ID provider for Deepfence Cloud, please follow these steps

  1. Create new app integration in Okta's admin console


  2. Choose OIDC - OpenID Connect and Web Application

  3. Select Refresh Token and Implicit (hybrid)

  4. Set Sign-in redirect URIs to

  5. Set Sign-out redirect URIs to


  6. You can configure Controlled access as per the requirements

  7. Click Save


  8. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret.

Configure OpenID Connect in Deepfence Cloud

  1. Register to Deepfence Cloud using username and password or social login.

  2. Click user profile menu on the top right and then click Organization Settings and then SSO Configuration tab.


  3. Enter the Client ID and Cliet Secret from the OpenID Connect provider, in this example, from Okta.

  4. Issuer URL is the ID provider's URL. Example:

  5. Optionally you can disable password login and social login (Google, GitHub, Microsoft).


When password login is disabled, users invited to the platform will continue to provide a password during registration. However, OpenID Connect will be used for authentication.

  1. On the login page, click Login with OpenID and enter your email id to log in with the configured SSO.